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IPA DOCUMENT – Procedure for Travel Assistance

Art. 1 Basis
The Procedure for Travel Assistance is based on articles 7 and 29 of the International Statutes, and aims to standardise the process of helping IPA members (individuals or groups) requesting IPA assistance when travelling and visiting IPA Sections worldwide.
It promotes the use of a form designed to officially inform the requested section of the trip details and the kind of assistance required.
It is not necessary to use this form when personal contacts are already in place, i.e. regular group exchange visits, visiting friends, etc., or in case of an emergency (i.e. medical reasons).
This procedure is placed under the responsibility of the Chair of the Socio-Cultural Commission


Art. 2 Deadlines
Sufficient time before the visit must be allowed so that assistance can be provided at its best:
Group travel: At least 3 months’ notice Individual travel: At least 1 month’s notice.

Art. 3 Conditions
An anticipated itinerary and requirements should be clearly given by the applicant.
A separate form should be used for each requested IPA section.

Art. 4 Procedure
The travel form and details of all IPA sections can be found on the international website, or on request by the secretaries general of all IPA sections worldwide.
The applicant is required to complete the travel form and send it to their national section, who will provide written confirmation of the applicant’s membership and sign the document.
The national section or the applicant shall then send the travel form electronically to the person in charge in the requested section(s).

Art. 5 Financial Responsibility
The applicant is expected to bear any financial costs incurred during their visit

Art. 6 IPA Travel Form

Applicants are requested to complete the IPA Travel Form.

Procedure for Travel Assistance
This Procedure for Travel Assistance was adopted by the IEC during the IPA World Congress in New Zealand 2016 and entered into force on 7 October 2016. It replaces any previous directives or decisions concerning this issue.

President : Pierre-Martin Moulin
Secretary General : Georgios Katsaropoulos

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