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IPA Travel Rules



Procedure for use of the International Travel Form system


1. The travel form should be used when groups or individuals wish assistance from other Sections they are planning to visit.  It does not need to be used where personal contacts are already in place, i.e. regular group exchange visits, visiting friends, etc.

2. Allow sufficient time: 

Group travel:                       At least 3 months notice
Individual travel:                 At least 1 month notice.

This is the minimum you should allow. The more notice you can give the more likely the assistance you require will be given.


3. Your anticipated itinerary and requirements should be clearly given.


4. Use a separate form for each country (IPA Section) you are visiting.


5. The form can be sent by post or by email to the hosting Section. All Sections’ email addresses can be found at the International Website

6. Evidence of IPA membership must be provided.  A copy of the IPA membership card can be attached, or your Section can verify your membership by an endorsement on the bottom of the form.  If the endorsed form is sent from the Section’s official e-mail address, this should be recognized as sufficient evidence.

7. Don’t expect the hosting Section to bear any financial responsibility regarding your visit.  Information on accommodation etc. may be sent to you, so you will be able to make any reservation direct.


8. If requesting hosting facilities, be prepared to be flexible and, after your trip, please express your appreciation.


NB:  These guidelines do not apply to travel arrangements arising from an emergency (i.e. medical requests).



XV111 World Congress, Slovenia, 2006

Amended XIX WC Turkey 2009

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