Dear IPA friends worldwide,

The period we are going through is very strange. These things happening, just a short while ago, the most imaginative mind could not fit them.
IPA, as the largest police organization in the world, could not forget the children of the members, especially now, who, even in their tenderest age, pass a big shock, locked at home, away from school and their friends. . 

The SCC, sharing the difficulty of this situation, has come up with a world-wide children's painting competition, to give our children the joy of participation and creative work, while also giving them an incentive to get away from television and playstation.
I invite you to urge your children and grandchildren to participate!
All together, we will succeed and get out of this difficult situation, even stronger!



​Kyriakos Karkalis

   Vice President

   SCC Chairman

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To all National Presidents, Sections & IEB members,


Following the recent Young Police Officers’ Seminar that took place in June 2019 in Scotland, several of the participants have written reports detailing their experiences of taking part in the event. A selection of these are now available to view and download from our website:


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Kind Regards