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Region 9: British Columbia Mainland

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Mike Liu


VP & Social Events

Karen Frost


Jack Rae



Karen Frost

Assistant Travel

Wayne Jeffery



Mike Liu


Secretary & Webmaster

Murray Clark


Liaison RCMP Vets

Liaison City Police Forces


Regional Address
I.P.A. Region 9
PO Box 39566

RPO White Rock
Surrey BC V4A 0A9

Ph: (604) 536-8578

Region Nine Area: Serves our members who live in mainland British Columbia.
British Columbia is one of the most Beautiful Provinces in Canada - we have everything from beautiful Cities to the most breath taking wilderness you will find on the planet. Please remember to submit a Travel Form and plan well in advance.


If visiting from another country, send your Travel Form at least two months in advance. Six weeks notice should suffice for traveling within Canada.


About Our Region
For more information about our Region and the Province of British Columbia check out the Regional Links. We will continue to add more as they come to our attention.


When traveling in the Vancouver area or heading out in B.C. check out our links to POLICE HOTELS. Also check for accommodations under TRAVEL/CANADA/REGION 9 in this website.

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