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Dennis Eberle



V.President (North SK)Treasurer

Wally Romanuck



V.President (South SK)

Jim Chegwin



V.President (MB)

Clint McKechnie




Mike Smook




Amit Sarkar




Don Denver



Membership Secretary

Steve Smedley



Rev. Allan Higgs


Official Address:

Saskatchewan Police College 
217 College West 
University of Regina 
3737 Wascana Parkway 
Regina, SK S4S 0A2 
Attention: IPA R4

REGION 4  - website:


Region 4 serves members in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


The two prairie provinces are well-known as “The Bread Basket Of The World” and the image of wide vast plains of wheat fields is familiar to everyone. As well as agriculture, the provinces are also blessed with an abundance of other natural resources, including oil, natural gas, potash, and other minerals.


The north of the region is covered in thousands of pristine lakes, many of which are only accessible by air and which are very popular with hunters and fishers. The district around Churchill, Manitoba, is world famous for seasonally hosting polar bears, and tourists travel from all over to get up-close-and-personal with these magnificent, protected creatures.


Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the largest city in Region 4 and offers a wide variety of sightseeing, entertainment, cultural and shopping opportunities.


Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and renowned as “The Home of the RCMP”. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been based in Regina since 1882 and the RCMP Academy at “Depot” Division was established in 1885. Visit the RCMP Heritage Centre and take a guided tour of the RCMP grounds.


Saskatoon is Saskatchewan’s largest city. Sometimes referred to as “Paris on the Prairies” for its vibrant artistic community, the city offers a variety of cultural and artistic events, notably the annual “Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival”, held on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in the summer. The city also boasts a 15,000-seat arena (Credit Union Centre) for sporting events and concerts.


Within the two provinces are numerous law enforcement agencies, including municipal, federal and First Nations police services, Military Police detachments at various military installations, and offices of the Canada Border Services Agency at the three international airports and the several land crossings of the Canada/USA international border.


Each province also has its own police college where the municipal police officers receive their basic and in-service training and professional development.

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