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2023 IPA Germany International Training Conference - Seeking Participants

IPA Canada hosted an international training conference in 2019, attended by 27 IPA members from around the world, and once again recently in August 2022, attended by 21 IPA members from Germany. IPA Germany is reciprocating and has invited 20 IPA Canada members to attend an international training conference in North Rhine-Westphalia from August 12-20, 2023.

We are now seeking interested IPA Canada participants. There is only room for 20 members and our goal is to diversify the participants with representation of members with different experiences, from different units, departments and agencies. Attached is our advertisement (3 pages).

We would also ask that your Region consider sponsoring this event and/or selected participants from your Region. IPA Germany and the Ministry of Interior for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, has and will be putting in tens of thousands of dollars into this event for us. This includes a generous 7 nights of free accommodation.

Conference full ad 2023-01-03
Download PDF • 1.46MB

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