How to prevent IPA Canada emails from ending up in Spam or Junk folders?

Members should make sure that the following email addresses are classified as “safe senders”: &

In Outlook:

1. check your Spam or Junk folders for messages from these addresses. If found, right click on message. In Junk, click on “Never block Sender’s domain ( OR Alternatively, simply click on “Not Junk”.

2. Junk email options – add & to “Safe senders” list

In Gmail:

1. Go to Settings (see all settings)

2. Filters & Blocked addresses

3. “The following addresses are blocked:”

a. Uncheck &

I am sure other email programs have similar processes for Blocked or Junk email.

There may also be some emails that are blocked by your organization. If this is the case, you should use a personal email for your contact with IPA Canada.

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