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3rd Communiqué Sept 26

Dear IPA Canada members,

The IPA Canada Board of Directors has passed the updated Bylaws and now it’s up to you to approve. As I have said previously, this is your organization. When the Bylaws are passed you will have a greater say in the governance of your association. You can find a copy of the Bylaws in both languages if you paste this link in your browser . And a copy of the Resolution at this link .

Tomorrow you will receive an email from our eVote provider, Simply Voting, a company that IPA Canada has engaged to facilitate membership voting for the next 12 months. The email address of Simply Voting is; please watch for it. Mass mailings sometimes find their way into Spam folders. The title of the email is IPA Canada Adoption of Bylaws.

As the name of the company indicates it’s a simple process if the directions are followed.

The voting session will open on 2020-Sept-27 at 0800 EDT and will close on 2020-Oct-13 at 1800 EDT.

If you are no longer a member of the IPA please do not vote. We have tried very hard in making sure our membership and mailing lists only contain members in good standing. I reiterate, we are all current or former law enforcement practitioners and as such we count on you, to be honest.

Once you approve the Bylaws we will be calling for nominations for the Board of Directors (BOD). Being on the BOD will be your opportunity to have even a greater say in the running of this organization. I am aware that many law enforcement organizations give points in their promotional processes for volunteerism, what a great way to gain those points. One of the first duties of the BOD will be to compose Directives that will support the Bylaws and give a more detailed step by step description of how to follow the Bylaws.

Servo per Amikeco

Chris Barratt

National President

IPA Canada

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