Frequently asked questions

Question: How do I prevent your emails from ending up in my SPAM or Junk folders?

Answer: Members should make sure that the following email addresses are classified as “safe senders”: admin@ipa-canada.org & vote@simplyvoting.com

In Outlook:

  1. check your Spam or Junk folders for messages from these addresses. If found, right click on message. In Junk, click on “Never block Sender’s domain (ipa-canada.org OR simplyvoting.com). Alternatively, simply click on “Not Junk”.
  2. Junk email options – add admin@ipa-canada.org & vote@simplyvoting.com to “Safe senders” list

In Gmail:

  1. Go to Settings (see all settings)
  2. Filters & Blocked addresses
  3. “The following addresses are blocked:”
    1. Uncheck admin@ipa-canadorg & vote@simplyvoting.com

I am sure other email programs have similar processes for Blocked or Junk email.

If you have listed your work email as your email contact address your organization may have blocked mass mailings. To avoid this please change your contact email with us to a personal email.

In your recent communique, you have directed the members to a document containing the Director’s Duties, Powers, Expectations and Responsibilities ( link: https://www.ipa-canada.org/boardofdirectors2020).  Some of our executive members pointed out that one paragragh, among others, created a lot of confusion, probably because of the terms that were used in this section of the document. For ease of reference, here is the paragraph in question;   Support the National Executive Bureau   The Board is responsible for providing support for the National Executive Bureau (NEB), the Officers of the organization ie: President, Secretary General, Treasurer etc. In the past the Board of Directors (former NEC) provided approval to the actions and ideas of the NEB. Under the new model of governance the Board is an equal work partner with the NEB performing different tasks, but equally involved.

To your question, the terms NEB and NEC were used for organizational familiarity; as mentioned earlier in the text NEB means the Officers of the association and NEC has the notation “formerly”. Unlike the past where the NEB did all the organization’s forward planning and brought it to the Directors for approval, this governance model calls for a working Board. The Board is responsible for the Duties outlined in the document that you provided a link to in your email. Think of it as the Board being responsible for the corporate business and the Officers take care of the day-to-day IPA business. It is expected that the Board and the Officers will work hand in hand in a symbiotic relationship that advances the aims and objectives of IPA Canada.

Q. If an IPA couple (both are members) share one email address - may 2 votes be registered from the same email address? Or would the 2nd attempt be BLOCKED / VOIDED as an attempt to vote "twice"?

A: Each member has a unique ID & password so there should be TWO emails recieved; one for each member.